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Yogi Clothing Review

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If you can’t tell by now, I seriously can’t get enough of comfy, chic yoga clothes. As much as I love to try gussying myself up for the day, there is nothing better in the world then coming home and slipping on clothes that I can move, sleep, play, and even do yoga in if the mood strikes.

Normally I would throw on my favorite pair of hot pink fuzzy monkey pajamas pants, take my bra off (feels so good to get that stupid thing off), and throw on a redskins shirt, but when Yogi Clothing offered me the chance to review some of their gorgeous clothes, I jumped at the chance to get out of my frumpy clothes and test out their beautiful items.

I mean, have you seen what they have!? Gorgeous, I tell you. Absolutely gorgeous. As much as I love bright, fun colors, I love that Yogi Clothing mostly consists of beautiful, soothing neutrals that make it perfect for mixing with other workout clothes or even with your regular every day clothes.

Since I’m not only about aesthetics with my clothes, I also have to rave about the quality of their clothing. I was sent the Cowl Back Cardigan, and the Burnout Stripe Racerback Tank and immediately buried my face into them. Both items were SO soft I couldn’t wait to get them on my body but most importantly, I loved that they were supportive enough to get me through a gentle workout yet soft enough to lounge all day in.

Also, both items passed the “chase after toddler, play in the grass test” with flying colors 😉

Since I didn’t get a great picture of me with the front of the cardigan showing (impatient husband behind the camera) here’s a better picture of the top from the web site:

cardigan 2

I used this cardigan during one of my favorite warm vinyasa classes. It was the perfect top to throw over the skimpy tank I was wearing so I wouldn’t feel so exposed during my commute, and the top held up during the first half hour of my warm flow class. It held up just fine in the wash and I’ve found that it works perfectly to wear around the house because it’s so comfortable, yet it’s cute enough to run errands in without announcing to the world that I’m wearing yoga clothes.

And the back of the cardigan is a magnet for compliments. SO cute, right!?

cardigan back

As for the racer burnout tank, I was surprised at first at how thin and loose the tank was. I’m used to tight, conforming tanks but loved how the top flowed with me as I ran, did CrossFit, and did yoga. There’s also a built in support bra in the tank which I also wasn’t expecting but discovered I needed, even with the support of a regular sports bra underneath.

See? The tank also works for running after a toddler 😉

And just like the cardigan, I loved that the tank was versatile enough work out in, but to also wear as a regular top for going out. It doesn’t scream “I’m a workout tank” and I dug that. Comfortable AND cute, which is right up my alley.

One last thing about this brand that I love, love, LOVE? They post daily WODs (workouts of the day) that are insanely fun and perfect to do at home. You can check them out here.


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