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Hello from Germany!

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Yup, we made it to Germany in one piece! But we’re beyond exhausted so I’m going to keep this short with a brain dump and some thoughts on our first day here.

  1. Confession: I actually packed all of the Lululemon I own in my checked suitcase. I wanted to make sure that it didn’t get lost in the ocean somewhere on the way over here with the rest of our stuff. Seriously, that stuff is way too expensive for me to be messing around, haha.

  2. Both kids miraculously slept on the plane. Unfortunately, the hubs and I did not. It was hard trying to get comfortable and we were just too excited. The same thing happened before we even left for the country where we couldn’t nap because of how excited we were. And now we’re paying for it. And it doesn’t help that the kids’ schedules are now off.

Oh well, we’ll live. All in the name of a good adventure 😉

  1. One of the first things I noticed about Germany is how GREEN it is. And I’m not just talking about it’s vegetation (which is beautiful by the way!). As we were driving to our hotel, we passed numerous wind turbines, solar panels, and noticed that a lot of the homes had skylights for natural light. And so far, out of every place we’ve been to in the short 4 hours that we’ve been here, not a single place has heard of an AC. Not that I’m complaining though, it’s so refreshing to see another country striving to make energy efficient improvements.

  2. Speaking of the AC, I can see why most places don’t own one. The weather here has been beautiful! Slightly overcast, zero humidity, a light breeze, and in the low 80′s. I looked it up and apparently the weather here is similar to the Pacific Northwest. Our short trip to Seattle proved how beautiful it was so I’ll take it.

  3. I also noticed on the drive that all of the street lights and street signs look very modern. A lot of the buildings look modern as well. And I’ve concluded that Europeans have such a way with styling themselves and their businesses without looking like they’re trying too hard. Everything I’ve seen so far has been an effortless mix of eclectic and modern, and a perfect balance of new and old with a little IKEA thrown in there. I’m a closet decor nerd so needless to say, I’m impressed with everything I’ve seen so far. Do I sound like the blog Young House Love yet? Hah.

  4. Every single German we’ve interacted with has been SO friendly! They have big smiles and offer to help and seem very genuine when doing so. The guy loading our bags on to the truck cracked a joke I didn’t get (but I loved his effort haha), the guys at the hotel played with Caleb’s Mickey Mouse, and the women at the restaurant we ate at gave us a complimentary pate dish. Everyone’s been so incredibly nice – it’s such a great way to be welcomed to a new country!

  5. By the way, here is this pate I speak of.


Pate is a ground meat combined with fat, spices and sometimes veggies, then ground into a paste and chilled. I’ve never tried it until tonight and it was actually pretty good. Not my favorite and not something I would go out of my way to order, but if it was put in front of me I’d definitely eat it. Then again, I’d eat almost anything put in front of me 😉

  1. Our first dinner in Germany:

first dinner in germany

Pretty delish. I had a spiced salmon with a lobster cream sauce, a few bites of the hub’s potato dumplings, and the best darn bread I’ve EVER had in my life. Like, holy mother of all things holy, this bread was perfect. Crusty outside, warm, soft and airy inside, and with a slightly sweet after taste. Apparently Germans make all of their bread from scratch using their own wheat and they take bread making very seriously. Well Germans, you definitely win at bread making. YUM.

  1. We’re definitely hotel hopping. I feel so bad for the kids. We’ve been in 3 different hotels already and we’re being forced to move to yet another hotel tomorrow morning. It’s just how the Army does things.

But I think this is the first time I’ll actually be sad that we’re leaving a hotel. The one we’re staying at tonight is so adorable and charming. Check it out:


hotel 2

hotel 3

hotel 4

hotel 5

  1. On a random note, two kids crying at the same time is one of the worst and most heart wrenching sounds ever. Yup, that’s my cue to sign out and love on some cute kiddos. We’re up super early tomorrow to drive 4 hours to our final destination, get moved to another hotel, and begin the oh-so-fun 2 week long in processing adventure.

Wish us luck and abschied von Deutschland!