Weekly Pregnancy Updates: Week 35

My mornings:

“Yay, new day! ENERGY! Coffee – what’s that!? Yoga! Slam weights! Chase Caleb! BAGELS! Cook all of the things! My pants fit! HAPPY!

My nights:


Okay seriously though, let’s get down to business and get on with the fun preggo survey.

How far along? 35 weeks..which means 2 weeks till full term. SOMEONE PINCH ME!

How big is baby? All of the websites say around 5-6 pounds. I say, I’m carrying a teenager.

How I’m feeling? I’m ready to have this baby! I can’t wait to meet our baby girl, kiss her squishy cheeks, and let Caleb hold her. He plays with my belly all the time, I think he knows what’s up. Plus I can’t wait to double the adorableness in this house! 🙂

Weight? Still huge. And still not measuring my weight at home (go me – huzzah!). I’ll find out at my doctors appointment in a few days.

How I’m changing? Last update I said that one of the ways I’m changing is that I’m nervous about juggling two kids. A change from that is that I now feel this overwhelming sense of calm. I’ve realized that it is what it is. Whatever happens, happens for a reason and I’m okay with that.

What I miss? Still missin’ the same ol’. I can’t wait to push myself in workouts and drown myself in wine. Almost there!

Symptoms?  I get braxton hicks EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. They’re pretty strong and sometimes even painful. It has me worried that I won’t be able to decipher between braxton hicks contractions and real labor because with my labor with Caleb, none of the contractions were really consistent until the last hour before I delivered, and then they were all of a sudden right on top of each other. I hope I’ll have a clearer labor this time. My last labor was 5 1/2 hours and if this second baby is any faster, I really want to make sure I get to the hospital on time. I just need to make sure I’m actually in labor!

Cravings? Chocolate and fruit. Lots of fruit. And even more chocolate.

Food Aversions? After taking a food handlers course for my volunteer position for the Army today, I now never want to eat chicken or step foot into a buffet restaurant ever again.

Supplements? I found this fancy list that breaks down the different vitamins and their benefits. Vitamins and minerals are essential to ensure that Braxton and I get the proper nourishment. A vitamin D supplement is suggested since I plan on breast feeding. I have also been supplementing 400 micrograms of folic acid each day.

Highlights this week? We got baby A’s clothes organized and the hubs took “maternity” pics of me! We’re too cheap to pay for professional ones and just wanted a simple picture to place in baby A’s nursery.

35 week pregnancy update!

We took a few more but I didn’t have makeup on so I’ll refrain from sharing. Don’t want to scare anyone new to my blog 😉

And that’s it for this weeks update! To my local friends, there’s a lot going on in town this weekend so make sure you follow me on Facebook as I’ll be sharing updates on all of the local shenanigans.

Have an amazing weekend!

Pregnancy Update: 32 Weeks

I mentioned in my post on Wednesday that I needed to write a pregnancy update so I figured since no one reads blogs on Fridays (or at least I normally don’t haha) today would be the perfect time to do so. I’ve been so relaxed about this pregnancy and so busy with everything else that I haven’t really done anything to keep track of this pregnancy, and I feel horrible about it. Pregnancy is such a special time and it’s so nice having the posts from my first pregnancy to look back on. I really wish I had been more diligent about tracking this pregnancy but hey, life happens.

Anyway, I ended up snapping a few belly pics before my class tonight so I figured they would suffice for a pregnancy update. Finally. No fancy weekly tripod pics like my first pregnancy though, oops!

So here I am in all of my big buddha belly glory.

And for the fun pregnancy survey:

How far along? 32 weeks. Holy balls! 8 weeks left till baby ‘A’ makes her appearance!

How big is baby? At my last ultrasound 2 weeks ago the tech informed me that baby girl is measuring exactly at 3 1/2 pounds and I’m measuring a week ahead. So baby is big. Just like her momma 😉

How I’m feeling? Huge. I’m still lifting weights, running, and doing yoga but not everyday like I did with Caleb. It’s more like every other day with this one and as a result, I’m feeling and looking it. I’ve gotten bigger with this pregnancy and it shows. My belly is rounder, I’ve gained weight all over, and I hurt all over.

To sum up how I’m feeling, we have to register for a PO box in Germany and I was telling the hunk that we should probably register one for my belly since it basically requires it’s own zip code. That is how ginormous I feel.

Weight? Huge. I don’t know how much I’ve gained, my scale is still broken and I haven’t had the heart to fix it yet. At my last appointment I was at 29lbs and it’s been a few weeks since. Let’s hope I don’t gain too much more within this homestretch, I’ll be happy if I keep the weight gain under 40lbs.

How I’m changing? Have I mentioned how huge I am? That’s one way I’m changing. I’m also getting nervous to have two under two, and I’m nervous about breastfeeding a newborn while keeping a toddler entertained. I also worry about how our kids will adjust to the time difference when we move overseas. So I guess the other way that I’m changing is that I’m going from relaxed about this whole pregnancy to suddenly becoming a worrywart.

What I miss? Being able to really push myself in workouts. I also miss jump roping, box jumps, doing certain twists and arm balances in yoga, raw oysters, and margaritas. I could really go for an ice cold margarita on the rocks right now. MMMMm…

Symptoms? Fun braxton hicks contractions at the most inopportune times, sore hips, sciatic nerve pain in my lower back, and I recently experienced round ligament pain that had me debilitated and bed ridden for a few days. Occasionally I also experience the joys of nausea and indigestion. So much fun, y’all!

Cravings? Chocolate, cheese, wine and margaritas (sad face), bagels with chive and onion cream cheese, and pineapple.

Food Aversions? None. I will eat anything and everything at this point. And apparently it shows.

Highlights this week? Well besides the standard Caleb lighting up my every day with his gorgeous smile and my husband giving me foot rubs, today happened to include another highlight of my week. I attended a volunteer recognition ceremony for my husband’s division and as I shook the general’s hand, he stopped me and said “congrats on the baby, you look great!”. After feeling like a hippopotamus on steroids for the past few weeks, hearing how genuine he sounded actually felt really nice. It’s the little things, right?

Finally, after the ceremony ended one of the photographers asked to take a picture our little family and we got this gem of a picture out of it:

It is so rare to get the three of us in a picture (I’m thinking we need to take family pictures before we become a family of four soon) and I love how this picture turned out. My husband is rockin’ a tan that shows how hard he’s been working lately, Caleb is actually looking at the camera, AND you can see my chin!

This one is definitely going in the family album 🙂

Have an amazing weekend folks, we’re off to DC/NoVA to spend some time with the fam and stuff our faces silly with delicious food. No worries, I’ll just work my ass off after baby A makes her arrival 😉