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Som Tum Recipe

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Som Tum Recipe — Make It At Home

Hi there! I’m alive, thanks for asking 😉

I promise I’ll get a post up about my amazing experience with Yoga Teacher Training but right now my preggo brain is too fried from cramming a years worth of information in 10 days. When they call the 10 day intensive “intense”, they’re not kidding. And we still have a whole ‘nother session to go!

So for now, you kind folks get another recipe while I recuperate and attempt to collect my thoughts.

Just don’t start weeping into your bowls of oatmeal yet because this isn’t just ANY recipe. It’s one that’s incredibly special to me because it’s from my beautiful MOM!

Easy Thai Som Tum Recipe

This is a popular Thai dish, called Som Tum (spicy papaya salad or papaya kimchi), that my mom used to make for us when we were kids and since we always begged for more, she would end up making an asinine amount. For just a week or two our fridge would be stuffed to the brim with this spicy deliciousness.

But only for a week or two at most, this stuff never lasted very long at our house 😉

Easy Thai Som Tum Recipe

So here’s what you need to make this tasty and healthy side that will clear your sinuses and make you cry for more.

Ingredients (Note, I cut her recipe down to leave you some room in your fridge)

1 tbs sugar

1 lime

1 lemon

2 cups green papaya, shredded

2 cloves garlic

1 tbs fish sauce

3 thai chili peppers

3 tomatoes cut unto medium sized chunks

Handful of cilantro, chopped

Place the garlic cloves and the chilies in a food processor and process until crushed into chunks. Set aside. Peel papayas until the whites show and then shred into long pieces using a mandolin. Squeeze juice of lemon and lime over papaya. Mix with sugar, fish sauce, garlic, chili peppers, cilantro and tomatoes.

And that’s it! It’s such an easy dish and one that’s so nutritious for you too. It’s best when served cold and is so refreshing with the sweetness of the papaya, the saltiness from the citrus, and the sourness from the fish sauce. And you know that I’m lovin’ all over that spicy kick from the thai peppers.


Easy Thai Som Tum Recipe

Make this dish, and then eat it as a side for whatever your eating, or top it on a fish or another protein as a garnish, or maybe even stuff your face with this stuff for breakfast. Hmm…just kidding about the breakfast part.

And I promise that one of these days I’ll bring it back to the classics with a burger recipe or something. This is just the kind of stuff we grew up eating and I simply wanted to share the happiness it brings me to eat dishes I was so fond of during our adolescent years.

Speaking of happiness, my brothers are here in NC staying with me! So not only do I have my parents here, but now my two brothers that I haven’t seen in years. It’s actually been 4 years since my entire family has been together, cue spontaneous HAPPY DANCE!

I’m off to spend some time with my family but I’ll catch you guys tomorrow with….drum roll please….our gender announcement!

I already announced on twitter and instagram so if you don’t already know, any guesses?