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Natural care 101: grapefruit brown sugar scrub

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Happy beautiful Tuesday! We’ve been hit with gorgeous Spring weather so the fam and I have been soaking up the sun (and the pollen haha) a lot lately. Hence the lack of posts 😉

Oh and thanks to everyone for the comments on my juicing post, I really hope that helped someone! Another topic I get asked a lot about the natural skin care routine I started with my first pregnancy and even though I’ve posted about it, I figure it’s time for an updated post. Particularly a post about this detoxifying scrub I use for the transition from winter to spring. This happens to be one of favorite homemade scrubs because it’s easy to make and smells so delicious that its only fitting I want to rub this all over my body, haha. I also love that it consists of ingredients that I already own in my pantry and that it’s super cheap to make. I’m a big fan of cheap 😉

grapefruit brown sugar scrub

Confession: I can count one hand the number of times I’ve shopped at places like Sephora. I’m just not a fan of spending money on beauty products. Once you go natural, you never go back!

So here’s what you need to make this Grapefruit Brown Sugar Salt scrub:

1/2 Grapefruit juice

2 tbs Epsom salt

1 cup Brown sugar

1 tbs Vitamin e oil

1 tsp coconut oil (softened)

The grapefruit is a great natural exfoliate and Epsom salt is a wonderful way to soothe tired, dry winters skin. Brown sugar is full of b vitamins and is a much more gentle way to exfoliate and pave the way for fresh skin for spring. And because I’m a huge fan of oil, I strongly believe every scrub should consist of a type of oil. Oils act as a binder for the ingredients and is the one of the best ways to hydrate and rejuvenate parched skin, hair, and nails. Hemp oil can also be used as an alternative to Vitamin E Oil. Hemp oil strengthens hair and nails, and does wonders for the skin.

grapefruit brown sugar scrub

Ever heard of the oil cleansing method? Or the no-poo method? There’s a reason why they’re so popular. Oils are basically a miracle product and can so wonder for your skin, hair, and nails if you keep an open mind and try them.

So try this easy scrub and let me know what you think!

I’m off to run, shower and then use this scrub but before I head out, here are a few of my other favorite tips for oil I must leave you with:

  1. Add a teaspoon to your conditioner. Only condition the ends of your hair before rinsing to avoid a greasy scalp.
  2. You do NOT need to buy those fancy pregnancy oils that supposedly prevent stretch marks. Most of those are made with concentrated oil with a ton of unnecessary ingredients. Just buy the pure oil an use that after a shower when your pores are the most open. It saves you money, cuts out all of the “fluff” ingredients and because its just pure oil, you can use it for a variety of things.
  3. Hemp Seed Oil is my personal favorite and it is not only great for your hair, but also your skin too!
  4. It’s best to apply oil immediately after showering when your pores are open and can absorb the most product.
  5. If you tend to have dry skin on your feet, use a pumice stone, then rub the oil onto your feet, wait a few minutes, then place a pair of socks on to “trap” the oil in and sleep with the socks on over night. You’ll wake up in the morning with baby soft feet, sayonara to dry cracked heels!

And that’s all I have for y’all right now. I’ll be sure to post an awesome “recipe” I use on my fried ombré hair soon so stay updated for the rest of my natural care 101 tips.

Speaking of ombre, I’m thinking of going back to dark before our move overseas. It’ll be my last appointment with my favorite stylist before we both make moves for the Army 🙁 Thoughts?

I know, I know…talk about first world problems right? Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful day! Off to do some stroller running!