Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival

I realize that this post has everything to do with Fall, and not much to do with winter…but since winter doesn’t officially start till the 21st, I think I’m still in the clear. Plus, how can I not blog about our trip to Ludwigsberg? This place is amazing! Well, all of Europe is pretty much amazing, and I have other fun trips to share but I digress. We’ll save those for future posts, for now, I just want to relive our day of all things pumpkins galore!

The pumpkin fest is considered the world’s largest pumpkin festival with over 450,000 pumpkins on display, and a variety of over 500 species of pumpkins. Who even knew that there were so many types of pumpkins!? The festival is held on the Ludwigsberg Palace grounds, a beautiful 18th century palace and one of the largest baroque palaces in Germany. It housed the Dukes and Kings of Württemberg and now boasts the oldest palace theater in all of Europe, complete with the original stage machinery that’s rare to find today. It’s a beautiful palace rich in history and makes for the perfect day trip but sadly, we didn’t even get to go inside the palace. Fortunately, all the fun we had at the pumpkin fest made up for that :)

Side note – prepare yourselves for some serious picture overload. Ludwigsburg was too gorgeous to not get camera happy.

IMG_6888   IMG_6891   IMG_6897
Gorgeous right!? And check out this castle right here. See that long rope hanging off the side of the tower? This is a replica of the famous Trendleberg castle and that is Rapunzel’s tower. The rope looking thing is Rapunzel’s hair and if you asked (in German) “let down your hair”, her “hair” slowly comes down, complete with a pink bowtie. So fun and it was hilarious watching all of the kids get a kick out her hair coming down, haha.

IMG_6913    IMG_6918

After Rapuzel’s tower, we finally made our way to where the Pumpkin Fest was held. There were pumpkin sculptures everywhere, booths selling delicious spiced pumpkin seeds, a live band playing, and booths selling our favorites – pumpkin beer and pumpkin cider wine. YUM-MAY.

And you can’t expect to visit a pumpkin fest without food made from the delicious round squash. We had no idea what we were going to order until we saw a bunch of people walking by with what looked liked a lasanga smothered with pumpkin cream sauce. Turns out it was called Kürbismaultasche mit Suppe and it is probably one of most amazing dishes I’ve had since arriving to Germany. Seriously. This dish was a foodgasm on crack. It was pasta stuffed with meat, vegetables, and cheese, then submerged in pumpkin cream soup, topped with spiced roasted seeds, and drizzled with a sweet balsamic glaze.


After I picked myself up off the floor from practically dying over our meal, we checked out a kids parks next to the fest where we took advantage of a perfect photo op for our little man ;)

IMG_6992 IMG_6993    IMG_7001 IMG_7002 Next it was back to the fest to explore even more of the crazy sculptures they had and to take a million more pictures of my favorite fall harvest haha.

IMG_7020 IMG_7021 IMG_7023
We also stopped by the market stands to pick up a few souvenirs (you can never have enough!) and some spicy chili roasted pumpkin seeds.

I also couldn’t resist taking even more pics of the beautiful palace, I’m kind of obsessed with the baroque architecture ;)

IMG_7036   IMG_7039
IMG_7040 IMG_7041
Finally, one last stop for even more delicious food and some fun at the park before we made the 3 hour trek back home.

IMG_7058 IMG_7064   IMG_7071   IMG_7076
I told you this post would be heavy on the pictures. I really couldn’t help myself, Ludwigsburg was breathtaking and the family and I had so much fun at the pumpkin fest. We definitely plan to come back next year!

Have a wonderful week, friends! We’re off to the Alps and to Austria this week ;)


  1. Wow! That is a lot of pumpkins, what cool festival! Beautiful pictures! Cute babies, as usual!

    What kind of stroller is that? It looks quite handy – I think our stroller has some sort of attachment so that it can be made into a double stroller…. what am I even talking about? I need the first kid to be born before I start planning for the 2nd one.

  2. All these pictures are amazing!!! So beautiful, and those pumpkins! How insane, I need to go to a festival like that in my life. Fall is my favorite time of year and sadly we do not really get one here in Alaska.
    Kelsey recently posted…Preschool Art and a Parental DilemmaMy Profile

  3. Ahhh, so gorgeous, I want to go!!! Looks like tons of fun :)
    Jen@PregnantDiabetic recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday {5}My Profile


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