Final thoughts for 2013

I wasn’t planning on posting this but then I started watching Barbara Walter’s year end special and thought, 2013 was one of the best years of my life, how could I not talk about it? But I figure I’ll skip the usual blogger end of year recap and try to write some random thoughts instead. Think of it as going into the new year with a clear mind :)

1. I went into this holiday season so excited, it was our first Christmas in a new country, with a new beautiful baby, and the husband and I just made it to 5 years of marriage together. But just as quickly as the holidays snuck up on us, it went by in a blink of an eye and I found myself pretty emotional. I’m pretty sure this was the last “baby’s first Christmas” for us and I’m in disbelief that this year went by as quickly as it did. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun, so I’d be remiss not to look back on my most favorite memories from 2013:

Rang in 2013 with one of my favorite yoga classes ever!
Shared a new favorite documentary

Announced we were moving to Germany!
Announced we were having a GIRL!
Started my first 10 days of Intensive YTT

Went on a Monsanto rage…and proud to say that I’ve managed to avoid GMO’s to this day ;)
God rid of the monster truck, and got a new car that still serving us well here in Europe!
Taught my first yoga class

Had too much fun going home to visit family and friends
Rocked it in the kitchen AND bought our first double stroller :)
Completed Yoga Teacher Training

Started our first home DIY project!
The hubs braved my camera to take maternity shots :)
Celebrated my second mothers day in pure bliss at the beach
I was actually helpful! Broke down some yoga terminology for newbies :)

I reached the WAY end of my pregnancy.
First time we celebrated Fathers day together!
We finished our kitchen!

Announced the birth of Amelia :)
Said Goodbye to Bragg

Amelia turned 1 month
We made it to Germany
Our first time venturing out in Germany

I took a whole month off of blogging. It was awesome :)

Went to Berlin for the Color Run

Recapped our first Halloween in Germany

Recapped Ludwigsberg, Garmisch
Baby’s first Christmas :)

OMG. So much for skipping the year end recap, hahaha! I guess I had a lot of favorite memories from 2013 :)

2. Once again, I don’t have any concrete resolutions for the new year. But for 2014 I do intend to:

Simplify: Awhile ago I a bunch of people off of Facebook with the intention to keep only friends I’ve met and continue to keep in touch with. I removed random people I met once at those crazy, silly parties in college, my old crushes…you know, people who I never have any real intention to speak to or see ever again. Slowly but surely, the number of ‘friends’ started to creep back up as I accepted these people back, approved requests from fellow bloggers that I don’t even talk to…and you get the point. With all of the other social media outlets I belong to, I feel like I’m swimming in technology and making too many connections with people who don’t matter as much in my life. I get it, we live in a technological age and connecting over the internet is a legitimate thing nowadays. And while I love the community behind it all, I want to make a better effort at “cleaning up the clutter” and make deeper connections with the people I actually see on a daily basis instead.

(aaaaand insert random pic from this weekend to break up a big wall of text haha)


Give up: I can be pretty type A at times. I have lists upon lists of things I use to keep our household running – meal plans, cleaning charts, packing lists, daily to-do lists, things to purchase, travel lists, workout lists, house project lists, budget lists, blog post lists…it goes on. While I pride myself on how organized I can be, I’ve realized that I can be pretty militant with how I run the house at times. As a result, sometimes my relationships suffer. I get so caught up in making sure a task is completed that sometimes I forget that Caleb would rather play trains with me than take a nap, which is the time I use to accomplish most of these things. And at the end of the night when my husband has had a long day at work, it won’t matter if the toys don’t get picked up, after all, they’ll only end back up all over the place the next morning. I don’t want to come off like a dictator though. I’m actually pretty good with going-with-the-flow if something doesn’t get done, but there’s this internal voice in my head that gets disappointed when I don’t get something done in the time I wanted. This is mostly about my desire to pacify that annoying voice and to remember to be at peace with it.

Be mindful: I want to watch what I say around my kids, whether it’s dropping the f-bomb (bad habit) or saying something negative about my body. Now that I have a daughter, I’m so much more aware of how much emphasis is placed on females to be all and to have it all. It’s way too much and it saddens me that our society places this pressure our daughters instantaneously from the moment they’re born.

And I put this on my “list” every year so for traditions sake, I have to include it…in 2014 I’ll try to take better care of my hair haha. Every year I vow to at least get a hair cut every couple of months but I end up only getting 1 or 2 the entire year. It’s pathetic, haha. I just hate spending so much money on chopping off what I consider my security blanket!

3. Speaking of heading into the new year with a clear mind, there is something I wanted to clear up. Recently I noticed a spike in traffic to my otherwise pretty dead blog. Lo and behold, it came from the infamous website, Get Off My Internets. If you don’t know about this site, congrats, ignorance can be bliss in some cases. It’s a site where people (mostly women) get together and discuss blogs and websites they’d like to “get off their internets”. While some of what is discussed is completely validated and true, a lot of stuff on that site is cringeworthy. I can barely tolerate most of the site but admit that I do like to read about the fashion bloggers, it’s how I’ve discovered some of my favorite blogs to follow, haha. I happen to be a big closet DIY’er and wannabe fashionista, I’m just poor lol!

Anyway, this is the second time I’ve been linked to a discussion about another blogger. Last time there was one comment that was kind of hurtful but I chose to let it roll off my back and moved on. Fortunately, this time there was nothing hurtful but my political views were brought up. Since I despise the idea that I’m this huge closed-minded bigot, I figure I’ll acknowledge it here instead of wasting any more of my time on that site. So here goes.

At one point in my life, I was VERY conservative. Then I had my son. The thought of him ever being denied something as simple as marrying someone he loved broke my heart. Love is love is love. A lot has changed for me since having kids.  And I’ll leave it at that. This is the last time I’ll discuss anything remotely political on my blog, I’ll leave my political discussion to fun drunken conversations with my husband and friends ;)

4.. This is getting heavy. Here’s a cute video of my sweet angel:

Sorry not sorry if I made your ovaries ache.

5. Check out our fun plans for New Years ;)


Whoever thought of combining pyrotechnics and alcohol….I bow to you.

And that’s all I have to close out 2013. To my family and friends reading, I love you all so very much. Cheers to a new year, I wish you all peace and happiness!

PS. Add ‘less wordy posts’ to my list of things to simply ;)


  1. Wishing you guys lots of love, laughter, and happiness in 2014! You had quite the year this year :)
    Madeline @ Food Fitness and Family recently posted…Favorite Posts: 2013My Profile

  2. Interrobanged says:

    I came over here from GOMI because someone said your blog was great. I agree! You have a lovely family and I wish you the best in 2014. As for politics, I assumed you were conservative because of your military background. Perhaps unfair, but oh well. Unfortunately people will always have opinions about the things we think/do, but as long as we can logically justify our decisions… Well, who cares. Happy new year!

  3. Sorry to hear about the negative stuff coming from that site. People can be mean. Love your word of the year. It’s the same as mine:) Hoping your 2014 is as awesome as your 2013!
    Maria @ Craft Crazy Mom recently posted…2014 Word of the Year | Family New Year’s ResolutionsMy Profile

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