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31 days of Yoga and Palm Beach Athletic Wear Review

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Hey there. If you follow me on Instagram, I have to apologize for the overload of pictures. There needs to be an Instagram Anonymous for serious addicts like me.

Next, I want to explain the reasoning behind my narcissism. If you haven’t noticed, the majority of the pictures I’ve posted are yoga pictures. I decided to join Grow Soul Beautiful’s Yoga A Day challenge where each day you are given a daily asana and your goal is to recreate the pose. I thought this was a perfect challenge to up my practice and to help me prepare for my teacher training this coming January.

yogacollage1So far, I’ve been LOVING the challenge. It’s been so motivating for me to get up every morning before Caleb wakes up and dedicate an hour of practice to myself. I light candles, play soft music, and go through various flows as they come to me. As a result, I feel better, my running and CrossFit have improved, and I’ve mastered poses that I never thought I could master before. I also love that it’s challenged me to be more resourceful of my surroundings in order to snap a pretty picture 😉

One thing I’ve noticed with this challenge is that proper yoga attire has been crucial for me. I started out wearing the hunk’s old army shirts and shorts, but as I started challenging myself with arm balances and inversions, loose shirts got in the way and I would inevitably lose focus and fall. Ouch.

I also realized that since I practically live in workout clothes, I’d like to at least look somewhat cute while sporting hot pants and baby drool. And let’s face it, fashionable workout clothing actually motivates me to workout. I need all the motivation I can get so when I was selected to review clothing from Palm Beach Athletic Wear, I didn’t even hesitate. Sign me up baby! In fact, I may have even let out a scream or two.

I mean, have you seen their gorgeous stuff!?

yoga palm beach athletic wearyoga palm beach athletic wearyoga palm beach athletic wearI am drooling over those tye dye capris. In fact, there’s even a bigger puddle of drool on my keyboard then when I blogged about wine and donuts.

You know what else is drool worthy? The fact that the owner, Kristen, handpicks every single item to ensure that what the store sells is flattering, comfortable, and of the best quality out there. I love when companies pay this much attention to their product, and my interactions with Kristen are definitely a testament to show how much she cares. She was so kind, personable, and knowledgeable about the quality and material of her clothes and what kind of activities they’re suited for.She sent me zebra print Ambition shorts, the Palm Beach Athletic Wear Logo tank, and the Protokolo Space Glimmer Sports Bra and pants and I about died when I opened the box and saw everything. I could tell from the get-go that the quality of the material would be PERFECT for my CrossFit and yoga obsession, and that the items would last forever. You can always tell when something feels cheap and when something will hold up perfectly fine in the wash. And these items are definitely of the latter variety.

I was a little intimated by the Protokolo Space Glimmer outfit because even though I am proud of everything my body has done for me, I don’t feel confident enough to parade a shiny sports bra all over town. And I definitely don’t look as hot as the model in the picture. But once I tried the set on, my confidence just soared. The set is so surprisingly flattering and I had no problem busting out with just my sports bra (and of course pants) at a yoga class. I got so many compliments on the sports bra and I have to agree with every single one. This was actually a sports bra where I ended up having no problem with skipping a shirt, haha!

yoga and palm beach athletic wear

Can you see why? The sports bra is a gorgeous, shimmery, green that glistens in the light and is so flattering for any body type. Even for gals like me whose chest has suffered damage from breastfeeding. I swear I feel like a mermaid every time I wear this bra. And even the back is super cute (and sexy)!

One thing I was worried about was that the pants might be too short on me or they might shrink in the wash and turn into highwaters on me. I’ve had experience with this happening in the past but I guess that’s the price I paid for skimping on investing in quality workout pants. When I tried the Protokolo pants on, I was very surprised to see that they were long on my 5’8 frame, but not too long to hinder my work out. They are made from 100% lycra which hugs all of the right places and the length has stayed the same, even through 4 rough laundry cycles. Winning!

Next, the Ambition Printed shorts I was sent was another big win in my book. I was able to get into some of my favorite pretzel-iest poses without feeling like my pants were going to rip. The shorts are incredibly comfy, and they moved with me. I am also digging that they’re not too ridiculously short so I can wear them out without feeling like I’m showing the world my goodies.

yoga and palm beach athletic wear

yoga and palm beach athletic wear

I loved the shorts and the logo tank so much that I was actually inspired to do another vlog, in spite of my distaste for standing in front of a camera yakking about myself.

So here you go. Please don’t laugh at me. Just smile and nod and be in awe of the gorgeous outfit from Palm Beach Athletic Wear. Thank you.

If you’re clicky finger is twitching to place an order, you can check out Palm Beach Athletic Wear HERE. I also have 10% off coupons for anyone who is just as enamored as I am with all of the cute workout clothes. Just comment with your email so I can get your address (I promise I’m not creepy) and they shall be yours.

And have an awesome Thursday, world! The hunk, babes, and I are off to DC to catch a flight to Seattle this weekend. Send us a few travel well wishes and prayers, will ya? 😉