Avocado Honey Hair Mask

One of my favorite paths of the 8 limb path of yoga is Aparigraha, which means to let go and practice non-hoarding. This can be applied to all things in our lives but one of the ways I interpret this is by eliminating the “need” for useless beauty products on my shelves that sit there and inevitably collect dust 😉  I’ve always preferred to keep my beauty routine quick and simple and this avocado oil hair mask is just one of the many ways I do so. Plus, nothing beats shopping your own pantry for pampering treatments that are so easy to whip up on your own. I also love knowing that I’m not slathering a bunch of unrecognizable chemicals all over myself and that this is yet another yummy treatment where if it ends up in my mouth (just a taste haha!) I won’t keel over and…die.

So here’s that avocado oil mask I’ve been meaning to share for a while now. I use this to bring some extra life to my dry ombre hair and LOVE it. Hope you will too!


Avocado And Honey Hair Mask Recipe

1 half avocado
2 tbs coconut milk
1 tbs olive oil
1 tsp honey
1 tsp coconut oil
1 egg yolk (use the egg whites as a mask for blackheads!)
(optional) if you have highlights and want to bring out the shine, splash of lemon juice

Here’s why this mask rocks:
Avocados are not only nature’s superfood, but a crunchy momma’s best kept beauty secret. Besides being delicious, the natural oils from avocado are light and moist just like our own natural oils, and because it’s so rich in vitamins it’s also been said to promote hair growth. And we all know egg yolks are chock full of nutrients which can be so beneficial for our hair. With all of it’s delicious fats and proteins, it’s naturally moisturizing for hair which makes it PERFECT for reviving dry winter hair. Finally, coconut oil, coconut milk, and olive oil add an extra boost of moisture, and honey acts as a humectant to lock in all of this awesome moisture.

And here’s what you do:
First, make sure no one is home to laugh at you.

Then, place the avocado, coconut milk, olive oil, honey, egg yolk and coconut oil into food processor. Pulse until a creamy consistency is formed. It should be the same thickness as a regular conditioner.

avocado 2

Then, starting with the ends of your hair, apply the mask and work your way up to your scalp. Place your hair into a bun, cover with a shower cap (or a plastic bag if you’re cheap like me) and then walk over to the bowl of egg whites that you exasperated from the yolk. Apply the egg white to your face (I just use my hands) and let it dry for a few minutes. Then apply another layer of egg whites and repeat this drying and applying process until you’ve used everything. Don’t waste that precious egg!

Next, grab a bottle of lavender oil or a candle, tweezers, your favorite nail polish, and walk your butt over to a massage chair (if you have one, I use a cheapo one from Sharper Image that I love), sit in your chair, turn on your favorite Pandora station, and then go to town grooming and pampering yourself. Have fun, you hot thang, you!

When you’re finally done fixing those brows and painting your nails, it should have been around 15-20 minutes. Hop into the shower, wash the egg white mask off with a natural soap, scrub down with my favorite grapefruit scrub, shampoo and condition your hair and VOILA! You’ll feel (and look) like a million bucks…or at least just like a new mommy until nap time is over 😉

For a great natural alternative to this avocado hair mask, hemp seed oil can produce similar results. While promoting hearth health, improved skin quality and immune system as well as a healthy nervous system, hemp seed oil also helps develop stronger hair and nails!

For those ladies who find that natural oils just aren’t giving your hair the boost you need, you might also try adding Biotin to your diet.  Biotin is great for improving the strength of your hair and nails as well the quality of your skin.  Not only that, Biotin also has many other health benefits you might not think of, like blood sugar regulation, keeping cholesterol in check, and promoting weight loss.  You can find Biotin in a multivitamin, B complex, or tablet form online or at many popular retail locations!

I’ll be back soon with my favorite lavender foot scrub!

PS. Keep in mind that “soon” is a relative term here 😉 And have a wonderful Memorial day weekend world, we’ve got more house projects and moving stuff to do here! BLAH!

Weekly Pregnancy Updates: Week 35

My mornings:

“Yay, new day! ENERGY! Coffee – what’s that!? Yoga! Slam weights! Chase Caleb! BAGELS! Cook all of the things! My pants fit! HAPPY!

My nights:


Okay seriously though, let’s get down to business and get on with the fun preggo survey.

How far along? 35 weeks..which means 2 weeks till full term. SOMEONE PINCH ME!

How big is baby? All of the websites say around 5-6 pounds. I say, I’m carrying a teenager.

How I’m feeling? I’m ready to have this baby! I can’t wait to meet our baby girl, kiss her squishy cheeks, and let Caleb hold her. He plays with my belly all the time, I think he knows what’s up. Plus I can’t wait to double the adorableness in this house! 🙂

Weight? Still huge. And still not measuring my weight at home (go me – huzzah!). I’ll find out at my doctors appointment in a few days.

How I’m changing? Last update I said that one of the ways I’m changing is that I’m nervous about juggling two kids. A change from that is that I now feel this overwhelming sense of calm. I’ve realized that it is what it is. Whatever happens, happens for a reason and I’m okay with that.

What I miss? Still missin’ the same ol’. I can’t wait to push myself in workouts and drown myself in wine. Almost there!

Symptoms?  I get braxton hicks EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. They’re pretty strong and sometimes even painful. It has me worried that I won’t be able to decipher between braxton hicks contractions and real labor because with my labor with Caleb, none of the contractions were really consistent until the last hour before I delivered, and then they were all of a sudden right on top of each other. I hope I’ll have a clearer labor this time. My last labor was 5 1/2 hours and if this second baby is any faster, I really want to make sure I get to the hospital on time. I just need to make sure I’m actually in labor!

Cravings? Chocolate and fruit. Lots of fruit. And even more chocolate.

Food Aversions? After taking a food handlers course for my volunteer position for the Army today, I now never want to eat chicken or step foot into a buffet restaurant ever again.

Supplements? I found this fancy list that breaks down the different vitamins and their benefits. Vitamins and minerals are essential to ensure that Braxton and I get the proper nourishment. A vitamin D supplement is suggested since I plan on breast feeding. I have also been supplementing 400 micrograms of folic acid each day.

Highlights this week? We got baby A’s clothes organized and the hubs took “maternity” pics of me! We’re too cheap to pay for professional ones and just wanted a simple picture to place in baby A’s nursery.

35 week pregnancy update!

We took a few more but I didn’t have makeup on so I’ll refrain from sharing. Don’t want to scare anyone new to my blog 😉

And that’s it for this weeks update! To my local friends, there’s a lot going on in town this weekend so make sure you follow me on Facebook as I’ll be sharing updates on all of the local shenanigans.

Have an amazing weekend!